Federated over-the-top stands for the delivery of multimedia
without an exclusive network and content operator being involved

Incumbent TV Operator is Loosing vs OTT

Cable IPTV Conventional OTT D-AWAN OTT
Content Delivery Closed, proprietary network, accessed via a specific internet service provider Delivered from the provider/content agregator to the viewer using open network Delivered from the provider/content agregator to the viewer using partnered ISP network at highly efficient video compression allowing HD contents streaming seamlessly even with LTE/3G connection
Network Ownership Service are optimized and cuztomized to suit the network and end-device capability Without infrastructure invesments Riding on existing partnered ISP best-effort
Quality of Service Enables control over quality of delivery Not guaranteed, work under best effort conditions Enable control over quality of delivery at best effort conditions
Content Type User primary for premium content and real time content delivery like broadcasting TV; Premium content Widely used for freemium and economical VOD delivery models; Premium content Major PayTV and FTA TV content; Free and premium content
Key Challenges Expensive Low quality, Unicast model ISP willingness to give up content revenue
Key Benefit Interactive Service, Quality of Experience Low cost, Flexibility of content consumption across device Zero cost, Interactive Service, Quality of Experience


Digital terrestial channels/ IP channels /
Catch Up / Pause Live TV / Social Enhancements


Music, Movies and TV shows / Multiple purchase and
pricing schemes: Free content, Transactional, Subscription based /
Player controls – FF, RW, X-Roll advertising


Proprietary social network / Facebook, Twitter connectivity / Like,
share check in and post to any network / see what your friend are
watching / Get recommendations based on your social community


Personal media content streaming from multiple device / DLNA or USB support / Multiple video codec including MP4, WMV, MKV, DivX and more o Almost any image format: BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and more


Android-based App Market / TV application and services, 2nd Screen widget / Turnkey development and monetization environment / Operator managed: Contract, Downloads, Promotions


Seamless transition between devices / 2nd screen content discovery (‘push to TV’)/ Mobile device as virtual remote control


Develop new services with APIs / Develop android apps with STB
SDK / Effortless integration with 3rd party components like CRM, Transcoding, Billing, Web Services / Extended control over business processes



Business Rules

Our End To End TV solution is designed from the group empower you, The new cloud operator TV. We let you set business rules the determines how contracts and acess right (DRM) are enforced on media assets. We let you manage on whta devices eacg assets can be viewed and in which pricing schemes or packages they may be include.

Content Preparation

Content preparation is never trivial. Whether it is live or VoD content you are serving, whether is available via STB or on connected device, pay-TV or add-funded, your viewers’ experience depends on the right preparation.

The blizzard cms user-friendly interface allow for meticlulous yet effortless content preparation. ingest content in bulk and manage ingestion pipelines. Assign each media asset its Electronics Program Guide (EPG) data, contract and DRM. Manage transcoding centrally, to match different screen resolutions and get it ready to stream flawlessly accross device.

Subscribers Management

The DiamondDust CRM lets you subscribers create new user accounts. It allows you to manage households and subscribers centrally, to provide each subscriber with their own personalized experience. This mean different subscribers can share an account (household) and still be presented with content bundles and offers uniquely customized to their preferences.


The value of service provides is much more than content-It is in the way you let subscribers enjoy the content. Whether is terrestial & IP streaming, On-demand Movies & Series, TV Application Games, Catch Up & PVR or Home Media, the Vidmind platform supports them all. Whenever, What ever and on any screen your subscribers would like to watch, the Vidmind platform is ready to deliver. The Vidmind Live-VOD EPG integration makes viewing experience truly holistic for your subscribers. It allow you to better monetize live content by prompting user to purcase related on-demand content.

Services Enrichment

The Experience layer is your secret sauce It is what turns your solution from just another OTT video services to a smooth and differentiated experienced that subscribers are willing to pay

Experience Enrichment includes multiple content discovery & Recommendations option, such as, Free Search, Related Content, Recommendations Promoted Content and Second Screen content discovery.



D-Awan Cloud TV Platform is the control center for operators. Using a cloud-based infrastructured, operators can provision the service, manage media content and target subscribers with deals and promotions. Comprising patent-pending technology, the Vidmind platform is own our magic factory. This is where content is ingested, transcoded, encrypted and delivered. Operators can manage subscriber settings, gain insights on specific customer segments and tailor content offering to them.

Content Management System (CMS)


Blizzard is our OTT Video Content Manager System (CMS). It is the preparation layer of solution, where content attribute and policies aare defined by content managers and communicated to the policy enforcement system component.
The following processes are managed in Blizzard:

– Bulk uplaod of multiple media assets, including pipeline management.

– Content ingestion, including metadata linking, cataloging, encoding.

– Dynamic catalog creation

The operations defined in Blizzard are executed in Wildfire.

Managed content with monetization in mind

– Create holiday and seasonal promotions

– Assign each media assets its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data, to ensure discoverable

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


DiamondDust is our tightly integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM system). DiamondDust enable OTT VoD operators to manage all aspects of their service

– Subscribers and Households: Content Acquisition, Content Providers

– Contracts

– Inventory

– Product: Promotions and Bundles, Pricing

– Marketing Campaigns

– Customer Care

Amplify your Relationship with your Suppliers and Subscribers

– Improve customer experience by making it personal, relevant and fast

– Send a personalized recommendation newsletter

– Identify cross-sale and up-sale opportunities

– Offer discounts on subscribers’ birthdays

– Promote kids content to families

Android-Based Application Market


Mirage is our Android-Based Application Marketl a turnkey development and monetization environment for new TV application and services

From show-specific companion apps to music discovery and shopping apps, the Vidmind App Market provider a user-frinedly storefront for the OTT STB subscribers and a new revenue stream for operators

Amplify your Relationship with your Suppliers and Subscribers

– Improve customer experience by making it personal, relevant and fast

– Send a personalized recommendation newsletter

– Identify cross-sale and up-sale opportunities

– Offer discounts on subscribers’ birthdays

– Promote kids content to families

Service Delivery Platform (SDP)


Wildfire is Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that manage entire workflow of our OTT video solution, including application, content and business rule. Providing both logical layer and policy enforcement functions, Wildfire is the core of our solution. Wildfire is the hub to which clients connect. It is designed to easily scale and serve million of connect clients.

Rest Assured that All Your Services are Working in Sync

– Ensure your Geo-blocking agreements with content providers are enforced

– Authenticate users and verify their entitlement to watch each and every media asset

– Consolidate user, social media asset data

Social and Personalize Engine


Twister is the social and personalization engine that enables users to curate, share, like, check-in to and chat about video content. For users, Twister is what the Vidmind experience truly their own.

For operators, Twister is what make D-Awan OTT TV service extremely sticky and viral, as new user discover and sign up for the service via their friends’ posts and likes.

Twister currently offers Twitter, Facebook and Vkontakte.ru connectivy, but can be easily integrated with any social network including local ones.

Usage statistic from Twister can be fed into CloudSeed, our recommendation engine, allowing users to enjoy recommendations based on the collective preferences of their social network

Enhance the Experienced with social Activity

– Let your subscribers connect around their experience by liking, sharing and checking into favorite content.

– See your branded experience go viral as new users discover shared content

On Facebook, Twitter, or any local social network you choose to embed

Multi DRM Hub


Windshield is a cross-client Digital Right Management (Multi DRM) hub that manages content encryption across different platform. Vidmind suports DRM technologies from Google, Adobe and Verimatrix

Windshield’s multi DRM support ensures the consistency of the operator’s busines model across different devices and applications.

Provide the Real TV Everywhere Experience

– User experience is uninterrupted, regardless of the device, model or manufacturer

– The transition across different device is seamless, no need to download any plugin

Transcoding Workflow Manager


SnowCannon is the VoD transcoding workflow manager. It is the mitigating layer between the transcode and WidFire, managing the transcoding of numerous media files at a time. SnowCannon supports the consistency of the D-Awan experience across device, so that every media asset can be viewed in various screen resolution.

Be Present of Multiple Screens

– Allow your subscribers to access their content anywhere – be it on their smartphone, iPad or Laptop – and enjoy the same quality of experience accross device

Discovery Engine


CloudSeed, our OTT video discovery and recommendation engine enhances the VOD catalog experience and optimizes monetization by suggesting related media based on user statistic

Subscriber and media asset statistic are recorded in our CloudSeed database and fed into the recommendation engine, along with social network usage data from Twister. Our intelligent CloudSeed algorithm can process huge amounts of data and suggest relevant content based o user preferences

Tune in to Customers’ Passions

– Recommendation will allow your subscribers to discover content based on their previous choices

– Our platform will ‘learn’ subscribers’ preferences and present related content in personalized way

Server Availability & Health Monitor


WeatherVane is a Cloud TV server availability & health monitor. it helps operators make sure that D-Awan servers are active, healthy, and responding to request appropriately.

Miss Nothing

– Stay on top your data and storage consumption

– Continuosly monitors server availability and server performance metrics

– Monitor CRM, transcoding, number of users and viewed assets at any given time

Reporting Dashboard


CloudGauge handles the reporting capabilities make D-Awan Cloud TV Platform into a powerful decision-support and monetization tool

CloudGauge enables Cloud TV operators to tap into the huge amounts of data collected in the CloudSeed database and leverage it to create compelling, personalized marketing campaigns and promotions.

Be the Zeitgeist Expert

– Easily analyze Big Data

– Indetify and track usage trends and sales opportunities

– Acquire popular content to meet demand




The Android-based D-Awan DVBT set-top box support both DVBT2 and IP streamed channels. it enrichs the channels broadcast information with data provide by D-Awan platform.
Here the detail:

ARM Cortex A-9 (2500 MIPs) / Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) / DVB-T2 Tuner / DRM Protected / IR/RF Modules / Wi Fi & Ethernet ports / HDMI 1.4 Ports



D-Awan STB comes with a two-sided Android-compatible remote control, complete with a full QWERTY keyboard that combines gesture navigation and 360ยบ motion control for an out-of-this-world gaming and TV navigation experience. The Vidmind mobile application can also be used as an STB remote control.



D-Awan mobile application, currently available for android, is designed to extend the rich Vidmind experience to your phone. Our Android and iPad application include remote control and second screen functionality that is super fun. user can discover content ont heir mobile and ‘push’ it to TV with the slide of a finger.



D-Awan STB comes with a two-sided Android-compatible remote control, complete Both personal and highly mobile, tablet computers are fast becoming the device of choice for media consumption.

Featuring the same rich feature set as our mobile app. D-Awan iPad application utilize Retina Display above-HD resolution to provide the ultimate First and Second screen viewing experience.



D-Awan web experience includes live TV-HD, VoD, social features, media streaming, second screen functionaly and a TV app market

D-Awan online users can access their content anywhere, and expect the same feature richness and intuitive navigation they have been accustomed to on their TV, using D-Awan set-top box

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