D-Awan Cloud is the leading cloud management platform for hosts,telcos and other service providers.

Why Your Business Can Do Better with D-AWAN Public Cloud Hosting Services

Public cloud hosting deployments are generally preferred for development systems or web servers where compliance requirement is not the critical factor. It is a multi-tenant agreement in which the user can buy a server, parts or slices of which is also being used by other tenants.

When it comes to choosing public cloud hosting service, companies usually look for providers offering scalability, ability to expand server base effortlessly and virtualized resources apart from instant provisioning. D-Awan has an impressively broad and expanding client base because our public cloud is designed to meet the critical business objectives of your business.

Self-Service Portal

Easy to use self-service portal allow users to view and manage their virtual machines through a browser or by mobile applications, such as Android, and iOS.


VM can be auto scaled up to 20% from the base configuration depending on the workload.

Flexible Billing

Pay-as-you go model based pricing structure ensures that you only pay for the resources you utilize on hourly basis.

Failover & High Availability

D-Awan Cloud can failover successfully to another node in case of server hardware failure. We use enterprise-class hardware with complete redundancy that ensures high network uptime.

Huge VM Template Library

An entire library of templates is offered where you get hundreds of ready to run VMs. Customization is also possible at the hour of need.


Multi-layered security is offered for your crucial data and business information. We provide fully-functional & customizable firewall with every virtual machine to forestall intrusions.

Cost-effective & High Performance Storage

We provide affordable and efficient enterprise storage devices powered by NetApp. Extensive storage capacity is offered on SSD, SAS, and SATA hard drives.

Lower Cost Storage

We provide the best possible lower cost storage to facilitate you in all aspects. Avail secure and durable data storage for data archiving and backup.

User Management

With this feature, you will be having complete control of resources, permission, limits and pricing for your own suitability. Scalability and storage of its resources is also in your hand.

Automated Server Snapshots

This highly advanced feature will let you save the current state of virtual machine. This will enables you to return to it at any point of time.

Fully Redundant network

Fully redundant network design ensures that you get 100% network uptime for your server.

Redundant Storage

A huge storage pool of high performance is offered that is best suited for continuously changing business requirements.


D-Awan API presents every Control Panel function to developers, enabling third party applications to access virtual machines, hypervisors, networking, disks, users, backups and more.

Cost Efficient Approach

As VMs deliver high performance with fewer computing resources, additional cost savings can be done with business operations.

The hardware powering our cloud servers are the latest servers from DELL, which utilize the power of the new generation Intel Xeon E5 & E7 series processors. All storage provisioned for your cloud servers is auto provisioned on Equallogic, with the cloud infrastructure as below:

Screen Shot

Highly Scalable, Secured, and Affordable CDN Solutions to Accelerate Your Website Performance

We provide next generation CDN solutions to facilitate easy dissemination of your static content to users. Our CDN servers ensure fastest content delivery, low latency and high data transfer speeds. We have partnered with OnApp, one of the leading providers of content delivery networks, to accelerate your website performance, application and video delivery across 170+ locations.

Advantages of D-Awan’s Cloud CDN solutions:

Cost-Effective Scalability

Our pay-as-you-go bandwidth accommodates easily to the variation in user requirements without paying for excess capacity. The scalable system can easily be upgraded or downsized as per the business growth.

Accelerates Performance Growth

Circulation of content over multiple servers within the cloud always ensures that relative increase in demand for content does not at all hampers the overall performance or compromise with the delivery aspects.

Secure Content Management

Deployment of secure and streamlined tools for the content management and monetization protects digital rights and augments return.

Geographical Reach

Cloud CDN solution will extend the reach of your content globally. It also enhances the speed and reliability of content delivery to end-users irrespective of any location barrier.

Superior Content Quality & Media rich Websites

Efficient data and content delivery will enable you to include more affluent and innovative content in your website without sacrificing the overall performance of web page.

With well over 150 locations to choose from, you can create CDN services that meet the specific needs of a single client, or cover large regions of the world, in just a few clicks.
CDN now offers more locations than the Amazon and Microsoft CDNs combined.
Supported protocols, methods & content types

Content is distributed proactively to edge servers in your chosen CDN locations. Push is normally recommended where file sizes regularly exceed by 50MB, such as application installers or game patches.

Live Streaming
D-Awan CDN live streaming capabilities are powered by Wowza Media Server 3, the leading high-performance media server.
Adobe – RTMP / RTMPE / RTMPTAndroid – RTSP/RTPFlash – HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) Apple HTTP Streaming (HLS) Microsoft Smooth Streaming for SilverLight

When content is requested by an end-user, it is pulled from the origin server to edge servers in vicinity to the user location. D-Awan CDN supports multiple pull locations. Pull is often used for smaller files, such as website images, javascript, css and html.

Video on Demand
D-Awan CDN solutions allow delivering video with YouTube style features like fast forward and rewind

HTTP Pseudo Streaming support includes FLV (Flash Video – .flv) and MP4 (QuickTime container- .mp4, .f4v, .mov, .m4v, .mp4a, .3gp, and .3g2).
H.264/AAC content in MP4 container files can be delivered to any supported player.
Flash – HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
Playback is up to 1080p the equivalent to full high definition.
Uses Nginx to serve videos through normal http