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Maya VMS, our online video solution, allows you to leverage the power of online video to
increase engagement in all your external, corporate and internal communications.

Developed Specifically for business and government organizations we offer the security,
reliability and scalability that you would expect from a first class enterprise grade online
video solution.

Maya VMS is your go to solution for all your digital marketing, PR and training through to
internal comms, corporate relations and events.




  • Automated video compression and assets management.
  • Pre build templates for instant web portal and mobile application with workaround of 48-hours.
  • Complete video and user analytic reporting.
  • Advertising engine.
  • Support entitlement and DOKU interaction for seamless OTT monetization.
  • Accelerate the delivery of static content, live streaming and video-on-demand
  • improve website loading speed performance by routing the users to the closest servers
  • Rock solid reliability with 99.5% website uptime.
  • Compressed streaming content (live and video-on-demand) playback event at internet allow streaming congested connection.
  • Wide range of cloud service: Cloud server, cloud load-balancer, cloud storage, public cloud, virtual private cloud and hybrid cloud services.
  • Agility cloud infrastructure allowing self-forming, self-healing and high resilient automated cloud network ensuring non-stop networking.

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